GreenFolders, is a business solutions company with a single motivation: to help our customers eliminate paper from their daily work.

We’re passionate about empowering our customers to find success in a new paperless “workstyle.” As a company, we’re continually seeking out strategic technologies, partnerships, and service companies to help our customers be more productive in the way they work and do business. We are committed to providing technology that creates efficiencies, saves time and money, and as a nice bonus, helps make the world a little greener for future generations.

Above all, we want our customers to be successful. If that means developing new technology, we will build it. If it means finding and integrating an existing technology, we'll do it. If we need to connect our customers with other systems or services, we will connect them. We understand that we have no success if our customers aren't successful with us. We also acknowledge our debt to our customers—the feedback they provide helps us make our products better.

Our flagship product, the GreenFolders file production system, is the result of years of research into how “paper-heavy” businesses work. We discovered early on that businesses that (at least, in theory) do the same thing do it using very different processes. Because of this, we’ve made our software virtually universal, so it can be configured for just about any way you want to work. We’ve made it powerful, yet easy to use.

The bottom line is, we aren’t trying to change your business process; we just want to take your existing process and make it better by removing paper  |  801-747-2132