Check with your IT Manager before downloading GreenFolders
Installing the GreenFolders Server is REQUIRED before installing the GreenFolders Client

Download GreenFolders 3.9 Client


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Bring the power of Simplifile to GreenFolders. Allowing you to send and receive your documents to Simplifile for the most intuitive, secure, cost-effective electronic recording service available today.




Please contact ePN Support at or call 1-888-325-3365 to request the ePN Plugin and Return Service for GreenFolders.



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Now, with a few simple clicks in GreenFolders, you can access YourDox's secure file storage and the most comprehensive, custom post closing market system in the industry.


Optional Downloads

Microsoft .Net 4.6.2 (download)

SQL Server 2008 R2 Express (download) Management Studio 2008 (download)

SQL Server 2014 Express and Management Studio 2014 (download)

GreenFolders Transparency Helper (download

GreenFolders Users Manual (DOC)

GreenFolders Simplifile Plug-in Configuration (DOC)

GreenFolders - Client & Server Downloads

GreenFolders Client v 3.8.2 (download)

GreenFolders Server v 3.8.2 (download)

GreenFolders Client v 3.9.10 (download)

GreenFolders Server v 3.9.10 (download)

GreenFolders Client v 3.9.56 (download)

GreenFolders Server v 3.9.56 (download)

GreenFolders Client v 3.9.59 (download)

GreenFolders Server v 3.9.59 (download)

Plugins - Older Versions

GreenFolders Simplifile for v 3.1.0 (download)

GreenFolders Simplifile for v 3.3.0 (download)

GreenFolders ClosingSite for v 3.1.0 (download)

GreenFolders ClosingSite for v 3.3.0 (download)

GreenFolders TitlePrep for v 3.1.0 (download)