How It Works

GreenFolders Works the Way You Work

GreenFolders office management system was designed to empower you to do everything you do in your business today, just more effectively and efficiently.

With GreenFolders, you’ll find that you and your staff can be more effective because of the highly collaborative tools that are built right into the system. Though GreenFolders is much more than a set of features—you really must see the system to get an idea of what a powerful tool it is—here’s a brief summary of some of the important things it can do for your company.

GreenFolders Office Desk

Manage Your Business

  • Integrate your systems, people, files, and communications into a seamless electronic operation
  • Real-time reporting on the status of every client, file and task in your entire business, whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the road.
  • Use custom filters to view information specific to users, file status, or other criteria.
  • Annotate documents to share information across users, offices, or even external customers.
  • Freeze completed folders or documents to make them read-only.
  • Automatically capture detailed activity logs at the document, folder, user, and system level—these logs are fully searchable for a complete audit trail of every action performed on every file in the system.
  • Manage fully native multi-user folder access.

Create Electronic File Folders

  • Generate new folders as needed to accommodate new clients, cases and customers.
  • New folders can start out empty or pre-filled with standard documents or data, and grow as needed to include a virtually infinite array of documents and document types.
  • Folders can be automatically linked with data in your legacy data production system, if necessary.
  • Create multiple categories of folders to manage every aspect of your business – from your production files to human resources.
  • Structure your files the way you work with customized divider labels and attachment types.

Add and Organize Documents

  • Any electronic document goes into your GreenFolders folders: MS Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), database information, image files, website captures, e-mail messages, e-mail attachments, PDF documents, audio files, and much more.
  • Drag and drop any file, e-mail, or e-mail attachment directly into the folder.
  • Print ANY document, website, or e-mail directly into a folder.
  • Scan documents into a holding queue or directly into the folders you create.
  • Save Microsoft Office files directly into GreenFolders.

Manage Documents

  • Mark-up and annotate documents including highlighting, redlining, “digital sticky notes” and even your own custom stamps.
  • Collaborate and share documents and annotations and even track who makes which marks.
  • Manipulate documents by re-ordering and replacing pages, merging multiple documents into one, and moving pages between documents.
  • Redact information to protect privacy or identity, when required.
  • Print, share, e-mail or securely transmit documents or even individual pages from documents with or without annotations and redactions.

Task Management

  • Create and assign folder-based templates or ad hoc tasks to users or groups.
  • Personal notifications via e-mail or SMS Text on everything from tasks to file changes to task completion.
  • Track the progress of folders as they move through different stages of your workflow.
  • Set deadlines on tasks or folders that stay with the folder and can be tracked and managed.
  • Personalized list of tasks, work queues, and checklists for one folder or many folders.
  • Pre-define task templates for oft-repeated task creation.

Assign Resources

  • Assign folders to users or groups of users.
  • Create user-specific tasks with deadlines for follow-up.
  • Track tasks and folders through the entire process that you define.
  • Always know who has the folder, what's been done with it, and what its current status is.
  • Notifications automatically alert the user on any of the items that are of interest to them.

Customize the System

  • Organize your folder contents with "label dividers" that you customize to suit your business needs.
  • Build your own annotation tool palette to annotate and mark up documents (including “virtual rubber stamps”).
  • Organize your virtual desktop with automatic file sorters to accommodate your own style of working.
  • Create custom views, sort orders, and priorities to keep your work organized.

GreenFolders Communicator

Communicate Securely

  • Use GreenFolders Communicator to safely transmit documents or messages containing private customer information to customers and trusted partners.
  • Customers retrieve their messages through the secure SendSide communication portal.
  • Create template-based communication packages that deliver multi-part messages that can be customized for maximum impact.
  • Dynamically integrate folder contents such as documents and tasks with your messages.
  • Ensure compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act, and state e-mail privacy laws.

These are just the basics; GreenFolders has other capabilities that you’ll discover as you use the system.  |  801-747-2132