Top 10 Reasons for Using GreenFolders

Drumroll, Please...

Many people who are trying to decide whether to use GreenFolders in their own companies have asked us why others have so enthusiastically taken the leap. So we asked our customers:

"What were the most important factors that prompted you to replace your old way of doing things with the GreenFolders office management system?"

Here are the top ten reasons our customers gave for choosing the GreenFolders office management system:

  1. Cost Savings. You’ll save a lot of money by going with GreenFolders. You’ll see the tangible savings right away: fewer boxes of copy paper, fewer copy machines, fewer printers and toner cartridges, and fewer filing cabinets to store everything in. The other savings come through increased productivity, as you find that the same people can do much more work. Fewer dollars spent per client or file means increased profitability for your company.
  2. Time Savings. Since everything your workers need is always right at their fingertips, GreenFolders drastically increases the speed of business. You’ll see fewer trips to the printer or copy machine, less shuffling of papers from desk to desk. There’s no more filing, no more lost files and no searching for missing documents, since everything is already where it needs to go. Note: GreenFolders does not eliminate bathroom breaks.
  3. Secure, Integrated Communications. With the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act already in effect, and new state and federal requirements being passed all the time, GreenFolders Communicator allows you to safely send private customer information without compromising your customers’ privacy or exposing your company to onerous legal penalties.  Your file contents (i.e., documents, tasks, notes) are directly integrated into your branded message templates saving time, effort, and reducing your risk.  And it goes further than offering just a portal because it provides your customer with a personal, secure online account for all of their private information and gives them a tool to securely communicate with others.
  4. Instant Document and File Collaboration. No more e-mailing files back and forth, or walking folders from desk to desk. Each folder, document, task—pretty much everything—is accessible to anyone who needs it, even at the same time. Folders and the files they contain can be annotated right inside the system, and GreenFolders keeps track of who made which notes. You can print or send them with or without annotations.
  5. Tasking, activity assignment and Work Flow Management. GreenFolders helps streamline the way work gets done. Because the system lets you define the step-by-step processes that your client files go through as you serve your customers, you’ll find that things get done much more smoothly. Tasks can be assigned and reassigned, and tracked through to completion. You can even configure alerts to let the next person in the chain know when a task has been assigned to them and you will know when it is completed.
  6. Ease of Use. People expect ground-breaking technology to be difficult to use, with a steep learning curve, but our customers tell us that GreenFolders is exactly the opposite. The interface is intuitive enough that people figure out how to use it pretty quickly, often without any training at all. It works like you’d expect it to—and that says a lot.
  7. Real-Time Reporting. How cool would it be to see everything that’s going on in your company at one time? GreenFolders gives you that, and more. As a manager, you can see all of the tasks and folders and who they’re assigned to. You can monitor the work load and keep tabs on whether things are getting done, whether you have a single office or multiple locations. You get an eagle-eye view of your entire business, with the option to drill down for a more detailed look if you need it.
  8. Physical Storage Facility. Paper takes up a lot of room, but digital storage is much less space-intensive than traditional paper storage. Think about how much of your office is currently dedicated to file cabinets. Now cut it in half, or a third. Or a quarter ... or down to zero. You can probably say goodbye to your offsite file storage vendor, too, and do away with document shredding services.
  9. Full Audit History. Everything anyone does in GreenFolders is logged, so you’ll always have the option of going back to check. Need to find out who completed a particular task, or when a folder was passed from one department to another? Need to know when a file was sent to a client? It’s all in there, so you always know exactly what happened.
  10. Going Green. There’s a reason we called it GreenFolders. GreenFolders helps you do business with less paper paper … a whole lot less. This dramatically reduces your company’s impact on the environment (and saves money at the same time). Even if saving the Earth isn’t your top priority, it still feels pretty good.

If you don’t need to get more work done in less time, to save money on paper and printers, to make your business run more smoothly than ever before, you don’t need GreenFolders.  |  801-747-2132